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Happy Plants Ecology & Nature S.L are proud to present this new jar of 125 ml., with the thermosealed top, to complete the offer and to satisfy the demand of the clients, for the care of plants in small flowerpots (10 centimeters of diameter).

The Mini Happy Plants jar is transparent, so that the contents can be seen, it can be recycled and it is guaranteed 100% watertight thanks to its aluminium top.

This new Mini Happy Plants jar has been created so as to guarantee the supply, satisfying the market demands, guaranteeing the standards which a large distribution demands.

Mini Happy Plants is harmless and does not present any danger to the user, although due to the type of the jar, keep out of the reach of children.

Mini Happy Plants represents an important saving of water

Mini Happy Plants is 100% natural, biodegradable and the jar can be recycled

Mini Happy Plants waters and fertilizes the plants in flowerpots or similar of 10 cms soil surface

Mini Happy Plants keep in dry and in a cool place for upto 18 months

In short the continued use of Mini Happy Plants guarantees that your plants will be perfectly fertilized and watered, WITH A CONSIDERABLE SAVING OF WATER and fertilizer, and specially during long absences or HOLIDAYS

Mini Happy Plants has already received an award from the organization of the PLMA of Amsterdam edition 2005 (Private Label Manufacters Association) with the Best Food Product Award

Some of the reasons that Happy Plants received this award include:

It is a very innovative product

It respects the environment, as it is based on cellulose, water and nutrients in gel form which gradually covert to liquid form when in contact with the soil, without any sort of contaminating effects

It is easy and convenient to use

There are no risks to the user


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