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Happy Plants is water and nutrients of show liberation. It is ideal for the care of all indoor and outdoor plants all year roung. At home, offices, hotels, banks, long absences, holidays, etc.

Happy Plants


Not all gels can guarantee 30 days without watering or fertilizing your plants.
HAPPY PLANTS apart from the efficiency test has a density of not less than 600.000 cps., which guarantees its results.

Patent: 200500173 BEWARE OF IMITATIONS

HAPPY PLANTS is 96,15% water and nutrients in a gel form that gradually turns into water when in contact with the natural microbiological activity of the soil.

Happy Plants Placed on top of the root zone of the plant provides it with water and nutrients in an efficient way for up to 30 days, independently of temperature or moisture.

Why Happy Plants?

- What do you do with house plants when you go on holiday or you are away from home for a long period of time?

- How do you water urban plants in areas in which it hardly rains or difficult water supplying?

- Is there any system that guarantees the care of decorative shrubs and trees?

- Is it possible to keep gardens at their fullest without having to water them constantly?

Now there is an answer to all of these questions.

A new concept in plant watering systems is here.

Happy Plants is here!

Happy Plants is a 100% natural product that maintains plants in perfect health for 30 days, without watering or fertilising them!

A revolutionary product developed with the most advanced technology by Happy Plants Ecology & Nature S.L.

Happy Plants in gardening introduces a new concept to water and fertilize the plants

HAPPY PLANTS releases water and nutrients in a constant way

It is suitable for city gardening in zones without a water source or difficult water supplying.

For flowerpots, city islands, central reservations, etc. which in most cases must be watered manually as it is impossible to apply automatic watering
For long absences or holidays
It is easy to apply and can be used in new plantings or in zones already planted.

Due to its 100% natural composition it is harmless to people and animals

Happy Plants introduces a new concept in the care and maintenance of indoor and outdoor plants based on the constant release of water and nutrients for 30 days.
It can be used as habitual or additional watering system.

That's Happy Plants: the revolution in plant care and maintenance!


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