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:: Quality and environment


Happy Plants ecology & nature, S.L., defends in its business principles the social responsibility towards its clients, employees, collaborators and the society in general. This policy endeavours to guarantee that the requirements and specifications of our clients are satisfied, as well as conforming to the standards and administrative regulations which apply.

For these reasons, the Management wishes to communicate to all the components of its company, this commitment to quality and the environment by means of the intervention and diffusion of this policy.


is the fundamental aim. The activities carried out by Happy Plants ecology & nature, S.L. are aimed at giving MAXIMUM SATISFACTION to OUR CLIENTS, for their present and future needs.


Including not only the processes and activities of our services but our individuals as well. The repercussions on the environment must be evaluated, controlled, and minimized.


Quality and environmental management is a common task in all the activities of the company, each and every member has to assume their participation and responsibility in the PERFECTIONISM of the processes and the OPTIMIZATION of the available resources.


Establishing an efficient and continuous communication with the client to detect the needs and the level of satisfaction. The most relevant information dealing with the environmental results of the company will be made available, upon previous application, to clients, external institutions and the administration in general. This policy is communicated to all workers, suppliers and persons who work in our name and is also at the disposition of the general public.


The quality and protection of the environment links all the workers and suppliers. By means of training programmes and information it is hoped that all professionals contribute actively to improve the behaviour of the company.


Insuring compliance with the specifications and the delivery dates of clients thanks to a system of control and a follow-up of the work which has been carried out.

Because of this commitment to continuous improvement and prevention of pollution, Quality and Environmental Objectives will be established annually, allotting the necessary resources for their execution and to insure that Happy Plants ecology & nature, S.L. can unwaveringly face the challenges of the future.

Manuel Mata
Date: March 21st 2006
Revisde: 00


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