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The environment, sustainable systems and water saving are in this the XXI century among the top priorities of governments.

Bearing in mind the saving of water and sustainability, we offer a wide range of solutions for:


- Improve the permeability, compactness and drainage of soil, reducing production costs.
- Transport of flowers (for example: orchids) and cut flowers, it can be used as the only substratum (as a substitute for soil) for growing roots.
- It can be the vehicle for the gradual release of fertilizers.
- It can reduce the use of pesticides and fungicides.
- Savings of up to 25% water.

For extensive use in agriculture, forestal repopulation, plant nurseries, seedbeds and greenhouses, ideal for lawns: golf courses, municipal services for parks and gardens, etc.


- Water saving in private gardens and for indoor and outdoor plants in general.
- Germination of plants for educational and culinary uses, enabling it to be used as the only substratum (as a substitute for soil) for the growing of roots.
- Decoration.

A great deal of research and investigation by specialized technicians (chemists, environmentalists, agronomists) has developed these cutting edge products with this end in mind, guaranteeing sustainability and respect for the environment.

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